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Solid Steel Ball Mirror
Solid Stainless Steel Ball
Hole Drilled Solid Ball
Float Steel Ball With Nut
Stainless Steel Sunshine Sphere Sculpture
Artist Han-Leo Created the SUNSHINE Sphere Sculpture is a magical Light Sculpture
Hollow Engraving Sphere
A modern stainless steel Sculpture type, hollow engraving metal sphere attractive to your visual...
Stainless Steel Ball Brushed
Stainless Steel Sphere
Hollow Sphere Sculpture
Landscape gazing sculpture by stainless steel,insert with LED light pleasure your eyes day and night...
Stainless Handrail Ball
Water Feature Sphere
Outdoor Stainless Fountain Ball
Engraving Steel Sphere
Colorful stainless steel hollow engraving flower sphere series, pattern available in various design...
Water Drop Sphere
Elegant and graceful water dop shape stainless steel sculpture made by hand brings a bright scenery wherever it is situated...
Hollow Sphere Sculpture
Creative Metal Sculpture by hollow stainless steel balls, mirror shiny surface creates a strong visual impact...
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